31 December 2011

Eccentric start

           Dress- Chloé                  
Pumps-French Connection
Leggings- Esprit
Jewelry- Swarovski
Shrug- Aftershock

Hello Ladies,
        A quick post, I am leaving for new years  eve party and wanted to share my look for the evening. 
I am wearing a satin LBD with a shimmer black leggings. I paired it with baby pink fur shrug which 
gives a fresher look and plays a role of an undeniable accessory- the main reason why i kept the rest 
of the look simple.

An advantage of high heels is that it changes the complete personality of the person. It highlights 
your curves, making your calves look toned and your thighs thinner. I feel its the best thing for a
woman with a heavier lower body.

I'll take your leave now, hope you have an positively eccentric year. 
Happy New Year and enjoy your evening!


  1. Hi girl, thank you for visiting my blog, you look so pretty in these pictures. Really love that pumps! :D
    We might follow each other, what do you think? I've already followed you :)
    xoxo ♥♥♥


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