19 January 2012

Love for red

         Sadly I have no post  to upload, thanks to my project submissions *sighs*. Hopefully I'll be able to post soon.
         Anyway, I have this picture with my red streaks to share. I got this done a few months back but of course red being red, it does not stay for more  than three months and now I am in the 'I MISS RED' zone. I so want them back.
         I love experimenting with my hair and this is the second time I colored my hair red. Next i want to go for global hair color. Can't wait to get them.
 What is your favorite hair color this season?



  1. red streaks are awesom.Even I got them.think twice about gloabl tho.Because once it wears off.It really looks bad

  2. The red streaks look really good on you, I think you could pull off the redhead look! My favorite color for the moment is still brown, my natural color, I haven't been brave enough so far to dye my hair :D

  3. Really cool red streaks! I need to jazz my hair up with some colour!! :)SArahD

  4. It looks good! I've always wanted either red or purple streaks!

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  5. I like this photo so much! This is such a cool post!

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  6. so jealous of your awesome hair... you look so beautiful. the red suits your hair colour perfectly! :D

  7. I love the red streaks in your hair, so cute! I'm now following :)

  8. You look so gorgeous ,gal!:) Those red streaks add to the gorgeousness!

    I personally adore(adore is an under statement!) the flaming red that you got here and also the goldenish brown lastly, purple!!! :)

    Thanks for the follow!I'm following you too! :)You've got a great blog here:)!!

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