25 March 2012

To Blazers

Blazers define elegance and sophistication. They are a perfect attire for a formal meeting, formal dinner or even a formal date. But who said it can only be worn 'FORMALLY'. Pair it up with jeans instead of a trouser and voila, a perfect casual look.

Personally, I am a huge fan of blazers and I cannot stop wearing them even though it is summer.

Look of the day: Yellowish gold formal blazer with a printed cotton dress. I wore platform shoes with laces  and socks because they add on to the 'casual look' I was looking for. A crocodile leather bag because it goes with everything. 

Blazer: Oxygene
Dress: Forever 21
Ring: Flea market(Dubai)
Shoes: Geox
Bag: Crocodile leather bag(Dubai)
Watch: Toy watch

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13 March 2012

70's, you beauty.

Hello Ladies,
         This look is totally inspired by the 70's. It highlights my sudden love for jumpsuits. You will never look out of place wearing this piece. Because my garment was white in color with light brown wooden buttons, I used orange lipstick, bag and heels to break the nudes. Let me tell you, a pop-up color works wonders in any outfit.

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Jumpsuit- O.M.O(on my own)
Bag: Mango
Cuff: Vintage
Ring: Silver streaks
Neck Piece: Udaipur flee market
Heels: Charles and kieth

8 March 2012

Casual Living

Happy Women's Day to all my fellow bloggers and Happy Holi to my Indian bloggers. Hope you had a safe Holi.

         I am so sorry for late posts. I'll be back on track soon after my University exams. 

Look of the day: I am wearing a floral Cut-work  top with crochet effect on the sleeves and towards the end of the top. One thing I love about it is that it is perfect for summers and does not stick to your body. I paired it up with beige shorts which automatically gives a comfy-laid back look. This was one of the days where I was too lazy to wear any kind of accessory. 

Its okay to not dress up at times, it helps you savor the times you dress up.

Top: Forever New
Shorts: Mango

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