29 April 2012

Summer hair series- #1 Scrunch Scrunch

Welcome to my summer hair series.
Summer is all about floral print, pastel shades, Maxi's and bright colors. Don't you think it is necessary to have a perfect hairdo to match your every style. Moreover, we all need change, don't we*winks*.

I will be posting about various summer hairdo's for the next two months. Hope you enjoy it.

#1 Scrunch look.
I love the scrunch look because it is super easy and adds volume to your hair making it look sexy and elegant at the same time. It gives your hair well defined curls/waves which easily catches attention and it kinda gives your hair a wet look too. 

Wear this look with a maxi, a pair of wedges, simple accessories and you are good to go on a date, formal event, lunch with girlfriends etc. 

To get this scrunch look, all you have to do is
Step 1:  Consult your hair stylist for a perfect beach spray/ curling spray that will suit your hair. I am using 'Marc Anthony'  beach spray for quite sometime now and I am perfectly happy with it. Because my hair is super straight, this product has worked well in giving my hair the perfect scrunch.

Step 2: Spray the product on your ends. Spray till the time you get a wet feeling on the ends of your hair. Avoid spraying on your scalp as it may/can cause skin problems or dandruff

Step 3: Start twisting and rolling your hair with your hands.

Step 4: Roll your hair upwards and continue scrunching. At this stage, you can also make a messy bun or tie your hair with a clip depending on how messy/wavy you want them to be.

So, we are done with one type of summer hairdo. Wasn't it easy and fun?
Hope you wear this look soon and if you do, don't  forget to send me a photograph or you can leave a comment saying that you have tried this look. Stay tuned for more looks.

P.S: Wear the scrunch look a day after you have washed you hair as the natural oils of your scalp will help in molding your hair better.



  1. Thats interesting :) would like to try this as soon as I find this spray...

  2. Thats interesting :) would like to try this as soon as I find this spray...


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