24 July 2012

Dominating print

Skirt: Haute Chilli
Tank top: Mango
Bag: Zara
Ring: Forever 21

This skirt is 10 years old and is given to me by my mother. My mother and I have one thing in common, we do not give away clothes. Some people think it is stupid, some think it is better to get rid of old to make place for new things. Whereas my mother and I form a special connection with every garment we purchase and even though we don't wear it often, we keep it safely because we believe that one day will come when this same garment will be our saviour. 
In my mom's case, I get to wear all her treasured garments and  I would love to treasure it for my daughter(if I ever have). 
And as we all know that fashion repeats so treasuring them is not a bad option after all.

Mixing loud/bold prints could be a little tricky. If you choose to wear dominating print on your bottoms then see to it that the blouse/top/tank/shirt has minimal print. In my outfit, I wore skirt which has dominating print in my entire outfit and I chose a star-tank which has negative space between the stars which balances the outfit. 
Going little light on the accessories is a good option.

20 July 2012

Cosmetics post

 A post I have been wanting to do since a long long time. As my blog has always  been focused on my personal style and cosmetics being an important part of a blogger, I decided to do a post on products I use. 
I am no expert in this but over a period of time I have acquired basic knowledge  in terms of make -up and my fellow style bloggers have played a major role in introducing me to a few products/brands.

  1. MAC foundation with SPF 15 works wonders for my skin tone. It is perfect for people with oily skin and it last for a minimum of 8 hours. 
  2. I also mix Mac's strobe liquid lotion with the foundation for instant glow. It highlights your face making it look fresh and attractive. 
  3. I rarely use a concealer because I feel it makes your face look patchy. If you really want to invest in a good concelaer then clinique has a pretty good range for concealers. This one works well to hide suddenly visible dark circles;)

I recently purchased this NYX make up kit which contains 64 shades of eye shadow and there is not even one color in this palette which I won't be using.
I swear by body shop's make-up brushes. I was blessed to find them.

I prefer lipsticks over lip glosses and that's why you must have noticed that I have only two lip glosses. When it comes to lipsticks I am not a brand loyalist. I use pinks, oranges and brown, anything that suits my skin tone.

I have recently become a huge fan of blushes. I feel that a simple stroke of blush highlights your features. NYX's Cream blush is my current favorite.
Lancome's Kohl is my absolute favorite. One stroke is enough to define my eyes well. Loreal's  Mascara is the only mascara I have purchased till date. If you know of a better mascara, do let me know.
Some of my favorite colors.
I am all up to making a huge perfume collection. I have collected 7 till now and these three are my favorites amongst them. .
So here it is. I don't necessarily go through this entire procedure but its nice to pamper your face at times.

12 July 2012

With Rain

Dress: Bally
Jacket: ESprit
Heels: Kenneth Cole
Neck piece and ring: Colaba causeway
Umbrella: Aamby  Valley

 I have never been friendly with monsoon and even though I try hard, I don't think it will ever appeal to me. The surrounding is so dull and gloomy and believe me waking up early morning  has become a task.
As much as lazy this weather wants me to be,I have to pull myself up and get ready for college. 

This is the quickest shoot I have ever done. I literally had to run outside to shoot before it started pouring
 and believe it or not by the end of my shoot...It actually did. Sigh!

Highlight at the moment: My new course has started and I am loving the fact that it is keeping me busy all day.

6 July 2012

Color me bright

Dress: Smash
Leggings: Mango
Heels: Dubai flea market
Bracelet and earring: Forever 21
Ring: Colaba causeway

Mixture of colors gives birth to a new color. Same way mixture of patters give birth to a new pattern. You can see a live example in my last image. 
Patterns and colors have always surprised me with their ability to create something new. As and when I get into the details, I want to know more and more. It seems as if the information I have is just not enough.

P.S: This was the outfit I had submitted for  'The Indian Fashion bloggers VIBGYOR challenge' a few weeks back.

1 July 2012

Photo diary

Crop jacket: Koton
Tee: Aeropostale
Pants: Benetton
Heels: River Island
Hat: flea market
Neck piece: Aftershock

I am playing with prints again. It is my new found love. I am telling you its addictive!
After carefully pairing the prints, I had to fit in my lost and found hat in this outfit. I think it does a pretty good job and gave me a chance to wear it. 
 This look is inspired by the wooden houses and the scenic beauty I was surrounded with at my recent getaway.

P.S: I know this hat shouts cowboy;)