1 July 2012

Photo diary

Crop jacket: Koton
Tee: Aeropostale
Pants: Benetton
Heels: River Island
Hat: flea market
Neck piece: Aftershock

I am playing with prints again. It is my new found love. I am telling you its addictive!
After carefully pairing the prints, I had to fit in my lost and found hat in this outfit. I think it does a pretty good job and gave me a chance to wear it. 
 This look is inspired by the wooden houses and the scenic beauty I was surrounded with at my recent getaway.

P.S: I know this hat shouts cowboy;)


  1. Great look and absolutely cowboyish :)

  2. Lovely pictures :)
    loved the hat !

  3. I LOVE BW snaps!:) very nice madam!

  4. Great photography.!
    Check out my blog.! :)


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  6. great outfit, love your style

    come follow the first ever fashion blog from a Guys POV, let He know what you think

    Fashion by He

  7. u look beautiful and those are some really pretty pictures. Perfect corboyish look,,, u work it so well :)


  8. you look amazing!!great outfit!

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