16 August 2012

Apples over me

Dress: Mango
Heels: Kenneth Cole
Accessories: Forever 21

I know I have been a bad bad blogger and I should be given the least consistent blogger award. Actually, I have been so busy with work lately that I had no time to do an outfit post and on top of that I am sick thanks to the weather.
Thankfully I had a lunch date planned with my girlfriends this week which gave me an opportunity to dress up and feel sane again.
Frankly, I feel that my social life is going in the garbage bin. I actually have to think twice before stepping out if the house which has beautifully given my friends a chance to crib.
Okay, Now I feel I am cribbing about the busy life I actually wanted.

Anyway, moving on to the outfit now.

I kept my look simple and casual. I wore my pleated-apple printed dress that I purchased from Mango last year. I love the fact that it is more towards the feminine side. It has the vertical cut work detailing on the waist and the shoulders which dominate the print.
I accessorized with heels and not-so chunky accessory as I wanted to keep the look a little casual keeping in mind that it was a lunch date.

With  Love


  1. That dress looks great on you...You look so fresh and great !!

  2. Pretty dress...You hair looks so healthy....and the highlights are accentuating it



  3. I love your stylish look!
    dress is so elegant!


  4. I love your stylish look!
    dress is so elegant!

  5. <3 fresh is the right word....:)

  6. You're soo beautiful :')
    I loved your blog :)
    Today on the blog: http://thenativesalad.blogspot.pt/2012/08/lana-del-rei-for-h.html

  7. That last shot of your hand with the ring and bracelet-perfection!

    Shubhi's Revels!

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  10. I can be your competition for the inconsistent blogger award ;)
    Hope you are doing well now...
    n ooh the apple dress looks so adorable!

    Dazzle and Sizzle Blog

  11. Don't worry I can always give you competition for bad blogger due to hectic full time job :) Dress is pretty and I specially liked your metallic bracelet. Overall very smart dress.
    New post up.

  12. FABULOUS! Amazing post, love. If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest trend report. xo


  13. You have a nice blog!
    Offered to become mutual drive :)

  14. interesting look, love the print and the white shoes mix.


  15. Hi, honey! I really liked your blog, you have great photos! Now, I am your faithful follower! I really hope that you enjoy my blog and you will be my follower!)))) Miss you, kiss!

  16. nice post.

  17. Wow Akansha!!!! You look mighty gorgeous!!! <3

    I have those very shoes! But they are from Bee <3 :)))!!!

  18. Wow Akansha!!!! You look mighty gorgeous!!! <3

    I have those very shoes! But they are from Bee <3 :)))!!!

  19. beautiful dress....I am following your blog...do check out and follow mine too at http://enjoycooking100.blogspot.co.uk/

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