30 September 2012


Cap: Vintage
Jacket: Aftershock London
Tee: Aeropostale
Ring: Forever 21

I am totally obsessed with this cut-work jacket. It is very stylish and perfect for Mumbai winter, isn't it?

This post is just a small gesture to show that I am all set for Mumbai winter and I cant wait to get my cardigans and sweatshirts out. Since winters in Mumbai are pleasant, we don't really require heavy woolen garments.

As far as my cap is concerned..It is my mom's. I remember her wearing it with a long skirt(same as the print of the cap) when I was just 10 years old. It is hard to believe how she manages to keep all her stuff safely.

Anyway, hope you have a great week ahead!

22 September 2012

Unexpected turns

My life is an array of multiple commitments but I am finally sorting out my future. It is still difficult for me to accept that I have enrolled myself into a fashion course. I have managed to learn sketching which actually stopped me from enrolling myself for this.
 Sketching has never been my forte but with practice I have developed confidence in me and have realized that nothing in this world is impossible. Just a little dedication and your are sorted for life.
Initially I felt like an alien between people who were beautiful with their work but finally I think I am fitting in and  have never been happier.

This is the major reason for my hibernation and I promise it will come to an end soon. Blogging is not an effort anymore and I am planning to indulge more in it. 

15 September 2012

#1 DIY (Origami)

 Hello everybody,

Apologies for not updating my blog frequently. The past few months have been very hectic but there is no excuse of the lack of updates. So here I am bribing you with a DIY which will hopefully give you ideas on how you can make statement neck pieces at  home. 

All you need is 
1. Glue gun/fevistick
2. Comic strips copies
3. Coloured satin Ribbon(I chose white)
4. Pearl beads stickers
5. Scissor

Optional material:
1. Punching machine(if you want to pass a thread or wire through your design
2. Beads for more decoration

Step 1
Cut pictures of the comic strip according to the size you want. The reason I have used comic strips is because this way you won't have to use poster colors or color pencils to add color to your neck piece. This  automatically saves your time and you don't even dirty your hands*winks*.

Step 2
Fold the cut out picture 1/4th inch just the way it is shows in the image below. Continue folding till the picture has multiple fold. I am sure everybody has used this technique as a kid to create a fan:P

Step 3:
Use a glue gun or a fevistick to stick the folds so that they stay intact. Remember to apply glue only on the bottom so that the paper is wide from the top(like a fan)  and tapers towards the end.
Step 4
Stick the paper folding on the ribbon. I have stuck the paper folding in such a manner that there is alternate colored portion and white portion paper folding all over  which makes it a reversible neck piece. 
Step 5
Now use the pearl bead sticker on the ends of the ribbon to add a touch of  bling in the typical bohemian neck piece.

And Voila, the funky neck piece made out of comic strips is ready. 

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1 September 2012

Neutrals and me

Dress: Mango
Heels: Miss Sixty
Neck Piece: Aftershock
Sunglasses: Ray Ban

If you have been following my blog regularly, you must be aware that I prefer neutral colors over brighter ones. I have this thing for neutrals and I can't resist but collect dresses, tops, jumpsuits etc in the same. 

I am sure you all will be obsessed with a certain color and end up buying maximum clothes in the same shade and later realize that your closet is filled with them.

Recently, I also came across this article where it has been scientifically proved that colors have a great influence of persons mind and also determines their mood. 

We all end up wearing color blocking outfit to fight rain or wear floral garments to invite summer or wear a white tone dresses to fight summer heat or switch to darker shades to show that winter has arrived, don't we?

This shows that we humans have a need to express our feelings and color definitely plays an important role in our lives.

I guess some  of you are aware about the benefits of specific colors. If not, here is a list of significance of certain shades which are commonly worn by people.

Black: It defines comfort and protection and is favorite color of women( I am sure you know why*winks*). It is associated with principles and wisdom.

Pink: Emotionally soothing and calming.

Purple: Purple is known to be connected with Sensitivity and spirituality and is physically soothing,

Yellow:  Known to be a happy and uplifting color.

Orange: Great to boost self esteem and is again a happy color like yellow.

White: Color of pureness, protection and peace.