15 November 2012


My blog turns one today. I am so happy with the response my blog got from all of you. I want to thank you for the love you have given by visiting my website regularly and by leaving such positive comments which inspired me to continue with my blog. 
I want to start my next year by giving you guys a little something!

I have collaborated with shop.inonit.in to organize a giveaway for you guys.

Shop.InOnIt.in is every shopaholic’s virtual guardian angel. 
Since its launch in December 2011, Shop.InOnIt.in provides fashion apparel for men, women and children as well as accessories, home decor products, knick knacks, pet accessories and more. 

All this, at prices that does not burn a hole through your pocket.

They have a variety of quirky products to ethnic wear to beach wear to casual wear to night wear. They have all the spice you need on a website. 

The labels include Quirk Box, Spring Break, Masala Tee, Happily Unmarried, The Big Bag Theory,
Earthen Canvas, Poppuri and The Elephant Company. 

A collage of the products I love on shop.inonit.in

For being such a wonderful and interactive audience, you all have won 15% discount  on all the products on shop.inonit.in.

All you have to do is:
1.Follow me on Blogspot
2.Follow me on Twitter and also tweet about the giveaway
3.Follow me on Facebook
4. Follow me on Instagram(eccentric connoisseur)
5.Also, leave a comment telling me what do you think about my blog with your email address( so that I can forward you the discount code).

The Giveaway will end on 25th November.

The giveaway is open for international residents too.

Get going ladies and Happy shopping.


  1. Hey congratulations!!
    GFC Jasmine Bhatia
    Following on twitter via @jas_mine7
    Tweet link - https://twitter.com/jas_mine7/status/268971827223744512
    Following on FB too already via Jasmine Bhatia


  2. i congratualte u on ur one year anniversary and i hav completed all the steps and my email address is fireniceash@hotmail.com

  3. congratulations sweetie.
    i wish u all d best.

    p.s i aint on twitter on instagram ,cant tweet... following u on blogspot since many months.

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  4. I think your blog is fresh, classy and stylish!
    Also can you send me the link of your blogspot?
    Thanks :)


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