3 January 2013

Mother Daughter series: Blazers

Hello you beautiful people,

This is my first post of 2013(should get used to writing 2013 and not 2012)
I am very excited about this post. This post features my mother who is not only my style inspiration but also my best friend. 
I wanted her to make an appearance on the blog long time back but my darling mother felt that she was 'too old' to model. Now, who would say that she looks old. I won't be surprised if you end up calling her my sister. 
Though we share a blood relation, we both are complete opposites. I will give you a fashion example. My mother just love loose baggy trousers and I on the other hand prefer fitted ones. She prefers simple jewelry whereas, I have to wear something chunky. My style bends more towards comfort clothing( jeans and sweat shirts, blazers) and her's is more towards feminine. she loves wearing maxi's, skirts and I wear them once in a blue moon. The only thing we agree on is our love for the color white.

You'll might say its because of age difference and all but trust me when I say that my mother has worn clothes from bohemian to avante garde to corporate. You name it and she has tried all the looks. 

Well I could go on about this for pages and pages, but, let's keep something for the next post, shall we?;)

P.S: We wish you'll a very happy and a prosperous new year.

My outfit: Blazer: Debenhams
Camisole: Kouton
Pants: Guess
Cuff: Vero moda
Neck piece: Aftershock London
Heels: River Island
Sunglasses: Diesel

Mom's outfit: Blazer: Zara
Tee: Pierre Cardin
Trousers: Zara
Heels: Kenneth Cole
Sunglasses: Mont Blanc


  1. You have such a stylish mum! My mum's one of my style inspirations too!We're the same same shoe size so we're constantly borrowing each others shoes!

  2. o wow! u r ur mum's carbon copy! grt to see u pose so wonderfully with her.
    happy new year

  3. Did she say "old"? So unfair!

  4. This is such a cute series idea! You both look great.

    xx Kait


  5. Gosh, you'll look so stylish together. Love your mom's blazer and her look is so chic. Also love what you are wearing, pretty!

    <3, Sonshu, www.thesonshu.com

  6. OOh i love the sunglasses! I have been wanting a pair like those forever (:


  7. hiiii , there .. i promised i'd stop by ... verryy nice blog ! keep it up !! and thank u soo much for your comment it meant a lot .. i love your blazer and heels ... take care sweety and we shall keep in touch xx

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