16 February 2013

Processed Thoughts

I have recently abstained from blogging because I have wanted to take a few steps back to  question whether I was fit to be a blogger.
I have always seen that the comments of a post are generally filled with a persons opinion about a blog, most are reasonable critiques, but there a few who look to spread some real negativity. As individuals, we all tend to compartmentalize bloggers in our heads as high end bloggers, average bloggers, fat bloggers, too plastic blogger, over smart blogger and the charitable "she is so me!" blogger.
I began to wonder what made the viewers click. Is their reaction dominated by their peers? Are they only viewers for promotion of their own blog? How much does their personality play a role in what they like?
This made me question the areas we segregate bloggers into. If they are plus size bloggers, so what? Does it mean they cannot sport the latest trends? If they buy brands, so what? does this ONLY mean that their dads have too much money. Could we not look at what we learn from them? Every blogger you see, will have their individual style and personality. Some may come across very feminine while some may come across as experimental. Its okay not to like particular bloggers [God knows i do!], but humiliating them is not.

If you go through my blog you will know see that I do wear a lot of brands but it is not because I wanna play safe or crave to be accepted by people. It is because the flea market has no trial rooms. Being a person with a broader figure it is paramount that I am comfortable with the fit of a particular outfit. My jewelry on the other hand is mostly from flea markets because I can try them on, also, the prices of brands do not give me the privilege to buy everything i like :P

Bloggers have their own role to play. Going through their blog can update us about where to buy things from and quite often where NOT to. Even If we do not like a person we should keep in mind that EVERY person in the world knows at least one thing that we don't.

Moving away from my glass of wine which got me carried away, I shall speak of my outfit. I was a little hesitant on wearing a combination of bright colors because I would shudder at the thought of picking up these neon pink pants. It was the centre of attention when I was walking down the road and did get many heads to turn, but I was glad they didn't speak their mind because I know what I would have said just sometime back :P.
On my venture of questioning my compartments I realized that that bright colors are not that bad either. I urge you to do the same.

After all fashion will not be that fashionable unless we change our perspective every once in a while.

Have a nice weekend:)

Pant and shirt: H&M
Shoes: River Island
Clutch and Ring: Forever 21
Sunglasses: Ray ban