1 April 2013

The Skater Dress

Skater dress and sunglasses: Topshop
Shoes: River Island
Bracelet: Thrift store
Clutch: Forever 21

I am really excited to post the picture of my newly purchased dress. It is the most feminine dress I have in my closet.
Dressing up this skater dress with a sci-fi shoe is my latest fantasy.
I used to detest any kind of flowy dress. 
I must tell you that dresses were on the top of my personal list of 'DON'TS', but I have to admit I was wrong.
This dress has given me the confidence to bend more towards the feminine side of fashion and give a rest to my jeans.

P.s: I am also obsessed with neon lip colors these days. Have been wearing this shade every other day;)